Our Story:  In 2001, our founder was teaching, when the horrific acts of 9/11 occurred. Like most Americans it horrified, shocked, and most of all angered him–especially to see the impact it made on the children. By mid 2002,  he decided to enlist in the USAF prior to the start of the Iraq war; however, after much thought, he changed his mind. The desire to serve his country never left, and after careful consideration, he decided to enlist in the USMC.

During the initial recruiting visit, his medical past came into question due to a history of joint/bones issues. He went on to have several operations to correct the problem, and after years of rehabilitation, he walked back into the USMC recruiting office. But medical problems still persisted. It became clear the chance to serve our country was not going to become a reality.

College was the next step, and he graduated with a degree in design in 2007. The thought of our military brothers and sisters dying everyday, and not ever being given the chance to go into battle would not leave his mind. In 2009, the thoughts became too much, and something had to give.

So, an idea was born. A way to give thanks, respect, love, and support to proud patriots. After months of ideas, names, and logos, American-Strong was born in 2010! Since then the people, supporters, and HEROES that have come into his life have left such an enormous impact.  We are now able to proudly say we have many Veterans helping us with day to day things, events, and over all support.

American Strong is not a group, or one person.  American Strong is the community, and the nation  We are fortunate to have many volunteers that help up with all kinds of events, many of which are proud USMC veterans, giving us the opportunity to possibly make a difference in lives–whether it be military families, those who lost a loved one, or even HEROES themselves.  Let’s keep this dream alive, America!  Let’s all continue to support our nation’s HEROES, and keep the dream alive -


How we think:  A veteran – whether active duty, retired, national guard, or reserve – is someone who, at one point in his or her life, wrote a blank check made payable to The ‘United States of America’, for an amount of ‘up to and including their life – a quote we agree with.

American-Strong supports those who serve this great nation, past and present, as well as pay honor to those that paid the ultimate sacrifice. We salute the proud, the hard-working, honorable Americans that work so hard keeping this nation strong. 

Where portions of our Time and Proceeds go:

- Welcome Home ceremonies.

- Care packages.

- Marathons in support of our HEROES.

- We are Members of the PGR – who show up to support at Military Funerals, and welcome homes.

- We work with wounded Combat Vets, and take them places to continue to enjoy LIFE.

- We also work with an amazing charity called Vision 2 Victory.  They grant wishes to combat wounded Vets, and to date have granted some amazing wishes.  In doing so we have made some beautiful friendships.

Every Wednesday Night, we attend a flag retirement ceremony.  Here, we honor those who have served past and present.  Its a beautiful, short ceremony, but means the world to a lot of people.

Lets Try to do some good for those that have given so much – Stop by our online store, and pick up some gear today – Due to issues with the “Donate” button, we were forced to remove it from the site.  If you are looking to make a donation – please feel free to contact us at info@americanStrong.com.

Disclaimer: We are very open and clear that we are NOT a non-profit for several reasons, we simply just do good things with donations and proceeds, which is constantly shown on the websites photos and Facebook.  Thank you for all the support!