With the help of our proud supporters, we are able to get our Wounded HEROES out to many events.  These outing help occupy their minds and may times challenge them to do great things. Here are a few photos of a things we have been able to do!


4th Annual “American-Strong Wounded HEROES Get Away” – Parker River, AZ

Once again, another amazing river weekend in the books.  Our previous trips included many physically wounded sailors and Marines, but we decided to do things differently this year.  With the problem of veteran suicide seemingly growing worse everyday, we focused our attention in get veterans, who have seen the worst that war can bring, out for an amazing weekend.  Instead of spending all day at the bar, with people we don’t know, we instead spent all weekend on the water with our close personal friends.  The trip was a complete success, and as always it was an honor to have some of America’s finest on the boat and in our home.  We also want to thank YOU for making this event possible.  Thank you again for all the support America!  Stay tuned for the 5th annual in 2016!







3rd Annual “American-Strong Wounded HEROES Get Away” – Parker River, AZ

We have completed yet another American Strong wounded HERO river trip.  Thanks again to ALL of our amazing supporters and undying support.  This year we had a smaller group than the previous year, but had an amazing time none-the-less!  We were fortunate to have two Marine CORPS wounded warriors, and one Navy Corpsman. As well, an additional stud that served in Afghanistan along side all of them. This year we presented Roadrunner Bar and Grill with a commemorative plaque for treating us like kings all weekend long. We also want to thank YOU for making this event possible.  Thank you again for all the support America!  Stay tuned for the 4th annual in 2015!




Huntington Beach, CA 3/1 Run for the Marine CORPS

Last year we attended this to show our support for the CORPS, as we found out this will be hosted once again.  We put the call out to some of our favorite warriors who has sacrificed so much.  It was amazing day, with perfect weather, all for a great cause!



2nd Annual “American-Strong Wounded HEROES Get Away” – Parker River, AZ

Thanks to our amazing supporters and undying support, we were once again, proud to get a group of wounded marines/navy corpsman out for a weekend in the sun and water.  Last year it was an honor to bring four HEROES out for some fun and we hoped all year long to be able to do it again, and because of our fans, it became a reality!  Special thanks to Roadrunner Bar and Grill for treating us like kings all weekend long, and planning some special events during the weekend. Your support never goes unnoticed. Also a special thanks to Gregory Dickenson, and Tim Wayne for their help,support, and continued respect to our American-Strong HEROES.  Who’s ready for the 3rd annual, 2014!?!?





King Shocks 250 Off road race, Ridgecrest, CA.

We were fortunate to team up with McCool Racing (who lent us their car) to get a few wounded HEROES out for the Ridgecrest King Shocks 250 mile race.  Part of their wish was to get into the race scene, so it was an honor to help grant it.  It was an amazing weekend, shaking hands with legends in motorsports.  After devising plans on helping our racers in and out of the car with their prosthetics, the race was on.  A few minor bumps in the road, and one roll over later, our Marines ended up finishing!  Typically 80% first time racers do not finish, but they did. It was very memorable, and happy everyone had a great time.  UNTIL NEXT TIME!





Private Demo with the Metal Mulisha

We had an Amazing day, when the Metal Mulisha Action Sports team invited us, and a hand ful of Wounded HEROES out for a private demo.  The day was spent watching a few legendary athletes with many X-Games medals, and countless other awards for their talents, jumping, flipping, and twisting in the air.  It was humbling to see these athletes so honored to meet some of America’s finest.  We then went on and had a great time shooting all kinds of guns, and onto lunch. A great day indeed.  Thank you to Brian Deegan, and the rest of the team for making this day possible.



Tunnel to the Towers – 5k run, September 11th, 2012

On September 11th 2012, American-Strong teamed up with the Corona City Fire Dept, In Southern California.  We proudly welcomed several close friends/wounded HEROES to run a 5k marathon, to honor a fallen fire fighter from New York City, on September 11th 2001. We all had a great time, and it gave the HEROES a chance to push themselves.  We were all so proud – thank you to ALL that came out to make it possible.



1st Annual “American-Strong Wounded HEROES Get Away” – Parker River, AZ

We had a great weekend, with great friends – we were able to get four well deserving Wounded Warriors out for a weekend, of boating, swimming, night life – and above all LIVING.  We made some great new friends out there, and look forward to being able to do it again next year!


Lucas Oil Off Road Races

We were fortunate to get the behind the scene tours of the off road races in Lake Elsinore.  Such an amazing day!


We had the privilege to join forces with “Welcome Home Troops” and attend this amazing homecoming.  A HEROES welcome for a severely wounded Marine, welcome home and THANK YOU for your service!


A True Honor to chat with these men and women at the Veteran’s Center in Los Angeles.  We teamed up with the Cypress College Veteran’s Group to help plant trees for these old time HEROES.