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About Us

In 2001 the founder was a teaching assistant, when the horrific acts of 9/11 occurred. Like most Americans it horrified, shocked, and most of all angered him. By mid 2002, he decided to enlist in the USAF prior to the start of the Iraq war; however after careful thought, he changed his mind. The desire to serve his country never went away, and after careful consideration, he met with the the USMC recruiter.

During the initial recruiting visit, his medical past came up, with a history of joint/bone issues. He went on to have several operations to correct the problem, and after years of rehabilitation, it was back to the recruiting office. It soon became clear the chance to serve our country was not going to become a reality. So in late 2009 an idea was born–a way to give back to and support proud patriots and veterans. After months of ideas and possible names, American-Strong was born in January 2010! In 2011, he began working very closely with combat wounded veterans, and assisting them through their recovery. A team was gradually put together, comprised of veterans, active duty military, as well as proud supporters.

American Strong is not a group, nor one person. American Strong is a COMMUNITY. We are fortunate to have many great Americans we call family, that help with various events. Many of us are proud veterans, and now serve as ambassadors for the brand. We all assist in the efforts to possibly make a difference in others’ lives through charitable donations, and volunteering with various organizations. We salute the Proud, the Hard-working, the Honorable Americans that do so much to keep this nation strong–American-Strong!


Portions of Proceeds and Volunteer Time go to:

– Welcome Home ceremonies.

– Care packages.

– Marathons and 5k races, in support of our HEROES.

– We are Members of the PGR (Patriot Guard Riders),  a group that shows up to support at Military Funerals, and welcome home ceremonies

– We work with many Veterans, continuously planning new events to help others enjoy life after the military.

*Please note: We are very open and clear that we are NOT a non-profit. We simply try to do good things with good people, all with your support, and apparel sales. We’ve showcased this throughout our photos and social media. Thank you for all the support!